Third Hand Magnifying glass & Alligator clips the best tool

Third Hand Magnifying glass & Alligator clips

It’s the tool you need to see what’s really going on


Third Hand Magnifying glass & Alligator clips

It’s the tool you need to see what’s really going on

Get a Grip

powerful magnifying glass

 Sturdy alligator clips on each arm mean you can use your Third Hand Mag glass to get a good grip on anything you need to see up close. And with our 4x magnifying glass, you can examine anything without straining your eyes.

Third Hand Mag is a hands-free magnifying lens that is a must-have for anyone who needs to do precision work or read small print.

The ability to hold your Third Hand Mag at any angle means you can use it in many ways, but the best use case is probably when you need it to read small print. The alligator clips on each arm can be used to get a good grip on anything you need to see.

The Third Hand Mag glass is an innovative tool for hobbyists, designers, solderers – anyone with a need for extra hands. This unique device features fully articulated joints that are easy to manipulate with thumbscrews and wingnuts. Don’t struggle with your work the way you always have. Get a Third Hand Mag glass today.

Build interactive electronics, solder circuit boards, and examine detailed circuitry with Third Hand Mag glass! This complete kit includes four hands with robust joints to hold any position and a clear magnifier for a close-up view. The alligator clips hold a part in place while you work with your hands free to perform another task. The weighted base keeps your workspace from being knocked over while you have all four hands in use.

Never lose your grip again

Do you struggle with trying to hold onto small, tiny objects? Now with the Third Hand Mag glass, you will never have to worry about your grip again! The fully articulated joints on the arm make it easy for anyone to grab any object, no matter how small. With the alligator clip on each arm, you

The Third Hand Mag is the first and only magnetic glass designed for holding small, tiny objects. With three different joints, you can use this tool to hold onto anything from a flathead screwdriver to a needle without worrying about dropping it. The Third Hand Mag saves time and energy because it eliminates the need for awkward two-handed balancing with your fingers, hand or arms. It can even hold an entire

Ideal aid for PCB assembly, soldering work, model making, crafts and any application where a third hand is needed. The two strong alligator clips firmly hold parts in place, and six ball joints on moveable arms lock at any angle for the optimum position while you work. A heavy cast iron base ensures added stability. excellent tool for all uses where you need your hands free .

When it comes to holding projects, components, PCBs, and everything in between, nothing beats a good Third Hand tool. It’s a classic, and no doubt you’ve seen it on hobby benches and workshops and thought about how much easier your projects would be with one.

  • Fully articulated joints with thumbscrews and wingnuts for easy manipulation
  • Keep everything in its place with a sturdy alligator clip on each arm
  • 2.5″ diameter 4x magnifying glass, perfect for inspecting solder joints
  • Weighted base to keep everything steady

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this is a handy video on how to use your third hand with magniying glass


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