Small Nylon Jaw Plier Burfitt No.1 the best

Small Nylon Jaw Plier Burfitt No.1 the best

Join us at the top of the game,

A tool for delicate jobs



Small Nylon Jaw Plier Burfitt No.1 the best

Join us at the top of the game,

A tool for delicate jobs

We know you like to make jewellery and we want to make it easier for you. Our high-quality tools are designed with you in mind; soft nylon jaw pads, ergonomic design, and fine-toothed grip will help you work with wire like never before.

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Nylon Jaw Pliers are padded with nylon for strength, making it an ideal tool for working with wire. These pliers come from our range of high-quality jewellery tools, and are perfect for delicate jobs.

When working with wire, it’s important to have the right tools. Nylon Jaw Pliers are an essential tool for any jewellery maker looking for high-quality, durable pliers. These pliers are made with nylon pads for extra strength, so it’s perfect for any project!

These pliers come from our own range of high quality jewellery tools.

Nylon Jaw Pliers are an ideal tool for working with wire as their jaws are padded with a soft but solid pads of nylon which are designed for shaping and wrapping, perfect because they won’t mar or dent the soft metals and wire that you are working with the added bonus they completely eliminate scratches!

These pliers have a wider jaw than our standard flat jaw pliers for gripping larger work pieces. It measures 10.50mm wide. Nylon jaw pliers are a truly essential tool for the jewellery artist that demands professional results.

The flat nylon jaws are used to straighten wire, providing flawlessly smooth wire for any wire wrapping project. Use with German Style Wire, Artistic Wire, and other soft-tempered wires.

Stainless Steel, sturdy box joint construction with soft-nylon tips.

Nylon Jaw Plier-Large Burfitt Stainless Steel No. 1

Whether you’re a professional jeweller or an amateur enthusiast, you’ll find these pliers an essential tool. With these, you can create both simple and complicated designs with ease. You’ll need to be well-organised too! These pliers come from our range of high-quality jewellery tools.

We all know the importance of pliers when it comes to jewellery making, but not everyone knows that there is a variety of pliers available on the market. There are flat-nose, round-nose, bent-nose and end-cutting pliers. Each has a different use and design, and you’ll need to know which one you’re using for what job before you can

 a video showing some uses for the nylon jaw pliers

Nylon Jaw Pliers Soft Jaws: A Review and the Pros and Cons of this Product

Nylon Jaw Pliers Soft Jaws are the best thing that you can buy for yourself if you are looking to get into jewelry making.

The jaw area of the pliers is made up of nylon which reduces its chances of getting metal shavings on your jewelry. Besides, it is easier to grip and doesn’t slip off like other traditional pliers do.

 The Importance of Nylon Jaw Pliers

Pliers are a tool designed to grip and pull objects. They come in many shapes and sizes. The two most common types of pliers are the round nose (or needle nose) and the flat jaw (sometimes called lineman’s pliers).

Nylon Jaw Pliers can be used for many purposes such as, pulling wire, cutting wire, gripping small objects and importantly it wont mar your work.

Nylon Jaw Pliers should not be confused with other types of pliers such as the needle nose or lineman’s plier that have different uses.

The Importance of Soft Jaws for Nylon Jaw Pliers

A set of pliers with soft jaws should be your first purchase if you plan on doing any kind of work involving wire work. Not only do they protect the surface but they also allow you to grip more tightly than would otherwise be possible with metal jaws and fingers alone which makes it easier to remove them without damaging your hands in the process.

A Look at the Benefits of Nylon Jaw Pliers with Soft Jaws

Nylon jaw pliers are a tool that can be used for a variety of purposes in the workshop.

They have a softjaw that is  lined with nylon to prevent scratching or tearing delicate surfaces. The jaws are often firm enough to grip materials more easily and tightly, and can be used to hold materials securely in place.

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