Jewellery Plier Burfitt Best 1

Jewellery Plier Burfitt Best 1

These pliers come from our own range of high-quality jewellery tools.





Jewellery Plier Burfitt Best 1

 the perfect addition to any jeweller’s tool kit

 Whether you need to grip wire, bend it, or use wire as a supporting element in your design, our jewelry pliers are the perfect tool for the job. With comfortable white handles and jaws that can be adjusted for fine precision work, these pliers are a must have


for gripping or bending wire, making repairs, or doing tight precision work.

The flat jaws taper down to approximately 1mm wide.

They are comfortable, with easy to hold white handles that have been lightly textured to provide excellent grip.

Return spring handles are welded to the handles and make repetitive work easy

115mm Length 25mm Jaw Length

Light Weight

Box Jointed for strength

Leaf spring for repetitive work


The Complete Guide to the Process of Manufacturing Stainless Steel Pliers

Introduction: What is the Process of Manufacturing a Piece of Stainless Steel Pliers?

Stainless steel pliers are made from a combination of metals, including high-grade steel, iron, and nickel.

The process of manufacturing stainless steel pliers starts with the forging process. During this step, the metal is heated up to a red-hot temperature and then hammered into the desired shape. The piece is then put through an acid bath to remove any impurities. The next step is to polish the piece by using various grades of sandpaper until it achieves a smooth finish.

The final step in the manufacturing process is to harden and temper the stainless steel pliers by subjecting them to high heat and cold temperatures respectively.

How the Manufacture of a Piece of Stainless Steel Pliers Starts from Raw Materials

Raw materials are the main input for manufacturing any product. They are used to create a product with the appropriate quality and quantity. Raw materials can be of different types like steel, copper, plastic, etc. Tools that are needed in the manufacturing process include hammers, chisels, and cutting tools.

What are the Different Steps in Making a Piece of Pliers from Raw Materials?

Making a piece of pliers from raw materials is a long process. It starts with the acquisition of raw materials, which are metal and plastic. The metal is first cut into strips, heated up, and then flattened with a rolling mill to make a strip of metal. Then the metal strip is cut into pieces that will be used to make the handles of pliers.

The next step in manufacturing pliers is to cut two strips of plastic for handles. The two strips are heated up, put together, and then cooled down to form one solid piece. The strips are then cut again into smaller pieces that will be used for the handles on pliers.

The last step in making pliers from raw materials is assembling them by putting all the pieces together and then welding them so

What Kinds Of Machines Are Used When Manufacturing Stainless Steel Pliers?

Stainless steel pliers are manufactured by machines that have a variety of purposes. For example, the machine that cuts the metal is called shear. The machine that bends the metal is called a brake. The machine that removes rough edges is called an edger.

Machines in stainless steel plier manufacturing can be classified into three categories: cutting machines, bending machines, and finishing machines.

What Is The Difference Between Manual And Automatic Production Lines For Manufactured Products?

An automated production line is a process in which the raw materials are automatically fed into machines. These machines are programmed to produce the desired product. The machinery is often controlled by a computer and can be monitored remotely.

A manual production line is a process in which humans perform all the tasks of assembling and producing the desired product. There is no automation involved, so it relies on human labor to produce the desired product.


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