Gauges and measures
Allen hex Key set 0.7mm/0.9mm/1.3mm/1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm
G Style-Small Metal Gear Puller Extractor for easy removal Gear pinion-Burfitt
High quality scale plastic Vernier caliper measuring 0-80 mm
· DURABLE ABS CASE - Anti-Resistance design make it suitable for different measurement events in daily life. ·  1 cm…
Mitre Box-Hand or vise Held- used for holding tubing -Burfitt Once secured it can be cut at 45 degrees or…
Multi-tool Pen, 6 in 1 Pen with Ballpoint, Ruler, Screwdriver, Flat Head, Touch-screen Pen
Centre Finder - Measuring the Centre of a Round objects-Plastic
Pocket Degree Gauge 10mm - 0.1 increments This pocket-sized sensitive spring-action stainless steel gauge measures in millimetres. Particularly useful when…
wood, metal, plastic, ceramics or glass, this precision tool will give you precise hairline marking ability. Next to diamond, tungsten…
Steel Manual Vernier Caliper [wl_products_navigator]
Woodworking Square Size Mitre Angle Ruler, 3D Mitre Measuring Gauge, Dovetail Carpenter Scribe Mark Line Guide Measuring Tool

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