About Us and our perfect tools for the job No. 1

A giant reputation from tiny tools

Burfitt Tools Australia is a specialist business developing craft and hobby tools of the finest grade stainless steel.

The hand-crafted instruments and tools are also used widely used by professionals in miniature, precision work such as jewellery and watchmaking.

Owner Murray Burfitt said the tool range was designed and made using a combination of traditional manufacturing methods and modern technology.

There is also a fascinating link with the medical profession with some of the fine products redesigned from orthopaedic tool kits.

Clients include hobbyists and craftspeople, such as bead makers and embroiderers, scale model and toy makers.

For any job where a small, precision tool is required, Burfitt Tools Australia has a solution. The range extends from pliers and tweezers to scissors, micro cutters, clamps, files, sanding and abrasive pads.

The company regularly features at art, craft and trade shows around Australia

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As the proud owner of Burfitt tools, I can’t say enough about what a great company it is. They truly understand what the customer needs and goes out of their way to provide high-quality tools for any job. They go above and beyond with every order, providing useful extras that most people don’t even know they need. I personally recommend them to anyone in

– Murray Burfitt