Small round nose plier





What Are Round-Nosed Pliers?
Round-nosed pliers, as the name suggests, have a nose that is rounded and tapered, basically cone-shaped. They are most often used by jewellery designers when forming and fabricating metal wire.
How Are Round-Nosed Pliers Used?
Primarily, round-nosed pliers are used to curl, coil, and shape wire into loops and circles. You can either grasp the wire with the round-nose of the pliers or curl it, or you can grasp the wire in the same way but use your fingers to wrap it around the nose of the pliers. Either way, because the pliers have a rounded nose, this makes the wire round as well.
To make small loops, use the narrower part of the nose, and work your way down the nose of the pliers to make larger and larger loops.
What Should You Look for in a Pair of Round-Nosed Pliers?
Not all round-nosed pliers are the same, so it is a good idea to consider some important items when purchasing a pair:
•    Try to find a pair that have a spring handle. This will make your hands do a little less work and help avoid hand fatigue.
•    A narrowly tapered nose is preferred. Some of the lesser quality pliers will have wider noses that don’t taper much. This makes them a little bulky to work with, and you won’t get the same results as you would with a more tapered nose.
•    Make sure the handle fits your hand. Some may be too large and other may be too small. The ends of the handles should fit easily inside the palm of your hand.