10 cm wire stripper



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Details Weight 79.3g(NET PRODUCT)


Size 13*4.6*1cm(NET PRODUCT)


Color Red


Body Material Carton Steel (50# Steel)


Handle Material PVC Soft handle


Cable Size 0.5-4mm²


Function Stripping,cutting


FEATURE 1.Precision wire stripping hole design,the wire cut is neat and won’t hurt wire core when you stripping.


2.Made of good quality carbon steel,overall heat treatment,high hardness, sharp edge, strong shear, strong and durable.


3.Plier surface fine polishing,then blackening;with anti-rust oil,not easy to rust.


4.PVC soft handle,ergonomic design,comfortable grip, suitable for long work.


5.Adjusting screw design,make the stripping size more accurate.